Saturday, October 20, 2007

Game Day!!

We're finally home on a game day!! With all the traveling and craziness we've had lately, we've only actually gotten to watch the season opener (and then that unfortunate event in southern Florida that should remain unmentioned) all the way through.

We did get to catch the tail end of the Maryland game at dinner during PartnerCon, but for some strange reason we were the only ones jumping up out of our chairs and screaming so that just wasn't quite the same. But today we're home with some Corona in the fridge and some Mississippi State to whoop up on! Yea, today is a good day. Not to mention the fact that I'm wearing one of the coolest wedding presents we received: The # 5 Pat White jersey! My good friend Danny (one of the groomsmen) got it for me and Jus got so jealous that now Danny's getting him the # 10 Steve Slaton jersey to match! Copycat :)

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