Friday, January 26, 2007

Connecticut has a PUG!

Mary and I are so blessed and honored to be leading the new CT PUG (Pictage User Group). The group met last night for our very first meeting at Nikki Nicole's new studio in Rocky Hill. Nikki is such a wonderful person and has quickly become a great friend of ours. We had such a huge turnout...We had 17 photographers from 13 different studios! Everybody was incredible and by the end of the night we were definitely feelin' some West coast style love ;-) Who said us New Englanders couldn't be warm and fuzzy?

Long after the meeting offically ended, we had a great time talking and hangin' out with Paul and Krystal from Studio Foto. These guys are amazing and really know a ton about running a successful business...sit down and talk with them if you ever get the chance. I guarantee you'll learn somthing!

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