Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Getting SOOO excited!!

It's less than a week until our Big workshop in Chicago and Sarah, Jus & I are getting SOOOO excited!! We literally squeak every time we talk on the phone. Justin especially :) This is just going to be the BEST time and I can't wait to get out there and hang with everyone. And we just found out yesterday that we have a couple of unbelievable (seriously I can't believe it!!) surprises in store for you guys, so that has me even MORE pumped. As if that was possible!! We talked to Sarah last night and decided that we actually have room for two more spots if more people want to come. So if you didn't get to sign up before we sold out definitely shoot us an email asap!! I'm sure they will go fast!

Love you guys!


Krista Photography said...

I can't wait!!! said...

WOOOHOOO...I LOVE surprises!!! Can't wait. ~T

laurie said...

I'm going to chicago, i'm going to chicago...wait....oh crap I"M GOING TO CHICAGO!! jk I'm so excited!!