Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bookmarkin' Some Blogs

So, I'm sure like many of you, I have an EVER growing folder of bookmarked blogs that I read on a regular basis (ehem, daily!). Well, I just added two more to the list that *never* disappoint! Jasmine has an *incredible* way with words and she always finds such a way to touch my heart with both her amazing stories and her beautiful pictures. And Chris does absolutely phenomenal work that is always a real inspiration to see. He also always has really fun tips for photographers that are *great* to read. Check 'em out if you get a chance!

And drop us a line in the comments if you have any blogs you think we should check out!


Jasmine said...

Thanks for the blog lovin'! ;)
You have some awesome work here!

Chris Humphreys said...

Hey Thanks guys!

Your too kind!! Love the work you guys have here!

Also, your boxes that you posted down a ways are SO cool! I LOVE them!

carla ten eyck said...

ahem.!!! ;) can't wait to post the pic of me and Justin as superheroes!

Mary Bess said...

Hey Jasmine!

Thanks so much for dropping by! Not a problem at all...we love your work too! You have such a connection with your's so cool to see!


Mary Bess said...

Hey Chris!

thank you!! haha it took us *forever* to find all the stuff that goes into making them! why is it that you see brown boxes everywhere UNTIL the day you go to look for them?! :)

Mary Bess said...

hahah Carla! as if that wasn't already at the top of my list! :) ooh do you have that pic of you guys?

Tim Halberg said...

You guys have some great stuff!

I really think you should check out Amelia Lyon, that girl is rocking!!!