Thursday, April 12, 2007

How Stella Got Her Groove Back...

These past few days have just been so awesome for us and exactly what we needed! It's amazing what taking a little time to re-group and re-focus can do. With a little bit of rest and time to think, suddenly the ideas are just pouring out again faster than we can say them and we feel ready to take on anything. It's so true...when the heart is right, everything else will find its way.

Last night, Justin and I had the true blessing of hanging out and having dinner with Matt & Enna of Grazier Photography up in Boston. Talk about food for the soul. These two are the kind of people that you just know from the first second you meet them you're gonna fall in love with them! They are the most down to earth, genuine, sharing, open people you could ever ask for. They opened their doors and shared everything with us from album samples to their awesome heat embossed info packets with tons of great information for brides. Such an awesome idea! And we also had the great pleasure of meeting their adorable son, Ollie (Will was already asleep) and watching his favorite YouTube video: panda bear sneezing. :) hahah hilarious! what a doll!

We left for the night feeling so full (and not just from all the awesome food at Ten Tables!) and inspired by Matt & Enna. Their "follow your heart" approach to which weddings they take and how they run their business is definitely an example to live by. They are just true rock stars! And we can't wait until next March because they invited us to join them on their ski retreat for photographers up in New Hampshire. If it's anything like this dinner, it's gonna be AMAZING!!

Tonight, we round out our re-energizing with The Pursuit of Happyness. This movie came highly recommended by our good friend Paul, who said it got him all fired up to take on the world. We say, bring it on! (It, it's just what you bring!)


Orchard Cove Photography (Amanda Harris) said...

Enna has been such a great resource for me especially for Lightroom - she's awesome! It's been too long since I've watched movies....pursuit of Happyness is def. on my list. Have a great weekend you guys - keep doing that hard thinking that results in great ideas!


Mary Bess said...

Hey Amanda!

Yea, Enna is SO awesome...and Matt too! We had such a great time with them!

So you really like Lightroom, huh? I can't wait to see it in action. You'll have to show us all the tricks!


Grazier Photography said...

You guys are so sweet - those are such nice words about us! We loved hanging out with you guys too, and hearing more about your wedding plans and business philosophy. We look forward to spending more time with you both (and sharing more great food too!)


Mary Bess said...

Hey Enna!

We can't wait either! Next time you're down this way, let us know and we'll plan something. And we'll definitely hang out in Chicago...which I just realized is comin up really soon!


carla ten eyck said...

Did you say 'Ski retreat for photographers?????' Hmmmmm

Mary Bess said...

I TOTALLY did say that! How awesome are the Graziers?!