Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Walk in the Park

This past Sunday, Jus and I took Cooper for a walk and a swim in the park. I always love doing that because you get to meet *so* many interesting people. The great thing about dogs (or at least ours anyway!!) is that they waste no time being silly and shy or waiting for someone else to come up to them. They just run right up and introduce themselves! Wouldn't it be awesome if people were more like that (y'know, without all the sniffing!)

So when you have a dog like ours, you very quickly find yourself being pulled (quite literally) out of your comfort zone. When you're doing the leash tango with a complete stranger in some crazy advanced game of twister, it's really hard not to at least strike up a conversation. This weekend was definitely no different!

We were on our way to the beach for a quick swim (for coop, not for us, as the water was BURRRRR-frigidy!) when we ran into this little super hero of a chihuahua who did not run, but BOUNDED up to us out of nowhere with all four feet flying through the air in supreme spiderman fashion. He ran superman circles around us at the speed of light (ooooh insert picture of carla and justin in their superhero shirts HERE!), adeptly tying us and his owners up in an impossible web of leash. you do in a situation like that, we got to talkin' :)

TURNS OUT, this couple (who we would've guessed were nearing their 50th anniversary) were brand spankin-newlyweds! How awesome is that?! AND they had known each other for over 50 years and had always had a crush on each other. Love it! WELL, if that wasn't enough, it then turns out that the man was also a Yale Law alum from back in the 50s AND had argued half the cases in my first year Constitutional Law book in front of the Supreme Court! He started telling us all the ins and outs of this one case and I was "OMG! I had an essay question about that! Where were you during finals?!" :) Super cool.

So I guess it just shows to go ya, it's really amazing how much life is just a walk in the park.:) My heart is so full!

We didn't get a picture this weekend, so here's one from his very first swim!


妖妖 said...

hey,i'm Chinese.i come here by accident.wish u have a nice day!

Mary Bess said...

hahah awesome! right back at ya! :)

Grazier Photography said...

aw, he's so cute - we want a dog so bad! Next time you come to visit you have to bring him to play with the boys!

Mary Bess said...

hahahaha oh enna! you have NO idea what you would be wishing on your sweet boys! Cooper is C-RAZY!! well really just a big puppy, but that's really pretty much the same thing! :)

Orchard Cove Photography (Amanda Harris) said...

He is SUCH a fuzz ball - that's about what Strider looked like except he wasn't interested at all in going into the water - we tried to get him excited about it but he would just jump back playfully and bark....cute :)

Great seeing you last night - I'm sure we'll be emailing soon!


Mary Bess said...

haha i know right! cooper pretty much took right to the water and has loved it ever since. when we go down to WV there is a river we take him to and he LOVES that. Last year he found this HUGE limb that he was swimming around with in his mouth like it was just a little stick. too funny! :)

off to email you!


carla ten eyck said...

hey, I'm Mexican, I am here totally ON PURPOSE! LOVE IT!

Rnormfoto said...

OH MY GOSH! You get that dog over here NOW for photos! I'm not kidding!

Mary Bess said...

HAHAHHAHAHAH Carla! you CRACK me up!!

it's awesome!

Mary Bess said...

Robert, omg you have NO idea! He was such a little smush! He's much much bigger now, but still quite photogenic. lol :)