Monday, December 03, 2007

Coming to a City Near You!!

Mary & I have the very cool opportunity to tour around to a bunch of PUGs this winter (lol I feel like we need T-shirts..."The Marantz World Tour 2008"...ooh and one of those double decker tour buses with a hot tub in it!) to talk about our business model and how important our friendships with other photographers (not to mention our clients!) are to that. The tour kicks off in January, and so far is going through March. Here are the dates we have set so far:

January 14th: Charleston, SC
January 15th: Raleigh, NC
January 16th: Asheville, NC

Feb 7th: Nashville, TN
Feb 8th: Knoxville, TN

March 31: Salt Lake City, UT

And we will also be in Pittsburgh and Boston at dates TBD!

We can't wait! We're so excited to meet a bunch of new people and hang out with some of our dearest friends again! And thank you SO much to all the awesome PUG leaders for helping us get this set up!! If you're near one of those areas, come to a meeting cause we'd love to meet you! And if you're part of a different PUG and are interested in having us come hang out, you can just shoot us an email and we'll see if we can get it set up!

k, it's Monday and you know what that to the weekly board meeting!!


Vanessa said...

I'm sure your schedule is tight, but we don't live too far from Asheville... about an hour and 15 minutes. If you will have any breathing time (lunch after your session or whatever) we'd love to come up and say hello!

Jessica Del Vecchio said...

Come to DC! :)

Davina said...

Wohoo!!! Can't wait to see you in March! It's too far away. xoxoxo

Katie Humphreys said...

so fun that you are doing this!!! I am jealous we aren't near you guys :)

Hope you're doing great!!

Mary Bess said...

hey jessica! that would be awesome! thank you so much...I'm going to email you right now!


Mary Bess said...

i know katie! we can't wait to see you guys! we're actually looking to come to a couple of the groups out there, so I'll let you know if we get it worked out! Are you guys in the Santa Barbara PUG?

Miss you!

regina holder said...

YEAH! CT in the HOUSE! I am so glad you are stopping by our Asheville PUG on the tour. Trying to talk McNabb into partying. Maybe we should do an overnight slumber party PUG to see if we can beat the 4 a.m. ending time. You should rent a log cabin - it would be loads of fun!