Monday, December 31, 2007

Feelin' Resolute

(a Dole tribute)

Well, let's face it...when it comes to New Year's resolutions, they are so Out that they're just about back In again. And being ones who always like to stay on top of the latest trends, we thought we'd go ahead and list a few of ours! :)

To wake up earlier: I can't believe how much more I get done when I wake up early. Plus, who knew the light could be that awesome in the morning! :-)

To always be armed with my camera: I did the the whole eight weeks we lived in London in the summer of '05 and because of it I was able to capture some pretty crazy pictures of London winning the Olympic bid one day and being bombed the next.

To go skiing and make it all the way down the mountain on my feet: neither of us has ever gone skiing and we're making this year the year we do it! Next year I'll go for the helicopter!

To start the official Justin Marantz bi-weekly poker night: who's in???

To find something to do with the massive collection of clothes I seem to be acquiring: dang, it's hard work lookin this good! :-)

And...To own all of the following: bose noise reduction headphones for all of the traveling we do, a dart board for the losers at the poker table, maui jim sunglasses because they're just that cool, an HD LCD 72in too big?? and...a Tesla Roadster

HAPPY 2008!!!

To start reading ferociously: topping the list are "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" "The World is Flat,"
"The Purpose Driven Life," "Blink," and to re-read "How to Win Friends & Influence People" for, oh, the fourth time or so.

To clean out my makeup bag once and for all: Ok, so guys you aren't going to get this one but trust me the ladies will. How is it possible to a) accumulate that much makeup that fast and b) for the bag to get so darn messy no matter how recently you've cleaned it out? Well, in '08 I pledge to go in there with a blow torch if I have to, but it will be clean! Same goes for any of the remaining junk drawers and cabinets that have not yet felt my wrath.

To finally grow my hair out: I've been growing it out for the past two years and it has been going achingly slow...probably because I keep getting it cut. But I only have about three more inches to go and in '08 they're mine!

Gotta steal one of J's here...To FINALLY find something to do with the massive collection of clothes I seem to be acquiring: dang, it's hard work lookin this good! :-) (For what it's worth we've already donated over 30 bags to Good Will since November, but I think it's definitely time for another run!)

To drink even MORE water than I already do: Ok, I seriously already drink about 3 nalgene bottles full of water everyday, but in this dry New England cold it still doesn't seem to be enough.

And finally...To visit more blogs, more often: we get SO many awesome comments & emails from people just checking in with us and I resolve to be so much better about returning the favor! So if you read this blog (even if you've never left a comment before, do it now!), leave me your blog addy in the comments and I'll make sure to add you to my reader!

Have a very safe & blessed New Year!! And to all the people who read this blog, thanks so much for sharing our lives with us this past year. Here's hoping 2008 is twice as fun!!


Melissa Koehler said...

Great resolutions you two! I haven't even made my list yet.
Happy New Year!

Joy Moody Photography said...

I am with Justin on that waking up earlier bit, used to do it and need to get back on that track. Awesome resolutions though I gotta work on mine, but off to the parade for now!
Happy New Year!

Jacob Bergmeier said...

Among my list, I want to bring more attention to PH and reach my goal.

Justin...try the Office of Veterans Affairs for your clothes... They might be able to help you get rid of some of those threads

Mary... if you havn't read Three Weeks With My Brother, you won't be disappointed.

Krista Guenin Photography said...

Great resolutions guys! I'm with you on the waking up early (9:30am doesn't leave much morning for work) and the clothes. Coming back from Africa, I've got a whole new perspective on "i've got nothing to wear"! Happy New Year you two!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your resolutions! I'm terrible at keeping mine, but I'm with Mary on visiting more blogs, it's one of my resolutions too.

Shyla said...

Can I come?! Ok so I have never been skiing but I will strap a snowboard on and attempt to get down without falling!!!


Candace Jeffery Photography said...

Great resolutions! I want to carry my camera around with me more too.

Kelly Segre said...

These are great goals...defintely wake up earlier (now if only I could do this!)

Maggie & Josh said...

Those are some great resolutions! Happy New Year!!! May you both get everything you wanted and more this next year. Your work is excellent and a great source of inspiration : ) I totally agree with Justin about waking up earlier.

Dinea de Photo said...

Must make my list tonight! We did our clean like crazy before New Year and bring things to Goodwill escapade. I love that there are places to recycle our things that no longer serve us, but help others. My daughter found dust bunnies as big as small cats under her junk (yuck) and a lot of toys that are not age appropriate anymore.

Jennifer said...

Great resolutions! You definitely inspired me (not sure to what yet but I'll figure that out soon :-)) Good luck!

Jaci said...

Great resolutions! Justin, I'm in for poker and, because I suck, I'll bring my dart board! LOL!
Mary, I've given up on a make up I have a drawer :)
Good luck with your resolutions. Happy 2008.


Anonymous said...

Makes me wanna sit back and write out the list that will never get any attention. Just like all the others my resolution will have to wait today since I just got a call to do a senior shoot in the snow. When does life slow down enough to think about me? oh well..gotta get ready to shoot in the cold. Not sure my new D300 is going to like being cold. Cheer and Happy New Year to you guys.

Mary Marantz said...

hey jacob! that's an AWESOME resolution! thank you so much for that! I'll definitely check out that book too!


Mary Marantz said...

oh Shy you can TOTALLY come with us!! Snowboarding sounds like a lot of fun too. Truth be told, I'm mostly in this for the really fun outfits, LOL.

Steven Tackeff Photography said...

It's much easier to neglect your resolutions if you don't blog 'em! ;) Notice none on our blog. hehe. Reading, I remember reading... I'm going to adopt that one too. Happy New Years to the both of you!

- Brooke

Mel said...

WOW! You guys have some really great resolutions. That's really awesome. My resolutions are kinda silly but I would like to try to stick to them: 1) slim down a little bit. 2) I have a very long list of movies that are classics that everyone has seen that I need to see before the year is over. 3) Do better financially, even if it means only saving $25 a week. At least it's something! 4) Lastly, is to keep in touch with friends and family more.

Happy New Year guys and take care!!!

Tracy Bohannan said...

my resolution:

quit the "fake" job I do from 8-5 and just be a photographer.

Justin Marantz said...

that's an AWESOME resolution Tracy!!

Jennifer Cook said...

I'm with you on having my camera handy more. I sometimes leave it behind and always kick myself because without fail I end up saying "I wish I had my camera". Drives me nuts!

Best of luck in 2008!

Deb Brugman said...

Happy New Year, good luck with all your goals!

Kelly said...

Great stuff! I definitely need to work on my list (is it too late?! LOL) Hopefully I get resolutions made before... say... March? I think my resolution should be to stop procrastinating.
I don't know, I'll worry about that tomorrow ;)

Grazier Photography said...

Ha ha, you guys are such great writers! I am always entertained and inspired when I visit your blog. Our PUGs are on the same night this month, but let's chat about planning a joint meeting or excursion sometime soon! Love, Enna

talia@sixpence said...

Hi Mary, I love following along, blog browsing is one of my shameless favorite pastimes. heh. Great Resolutions! Way more exciting than mine, which I haven't shared for fear they may not happen if I do. Silly, I know. Happy New Year!

david & kimi baxter said...

ahhh, waking up early my public enemy #1 nemesis! hate hate hate early *stomping feet* hope you guys achieve all you want and more for the coming year!