Thursday, January 03, 2008

When Greatness Follows

In the days and weeks leading up to tonight, eighty-four percent of the masses called out for their defeat. In the entire country only one state... their own...continued to cling to its faith in them. They had suffered devastating loss, watched their dreams of a national championship disappear, and been abandoned by the very coach that was supposed to lead them to their rally. All the experts agreed, the game was over before it ever began.

"When you are part of something so great, that greatness will always follow you."

Here's to the experts...the critics...the fairweather fans. Here's to the naysayers...the bandwagoners...the play it safe friends.

May you always be as wrong as you were tonight. For without you, we would never know just how capable we are of believing in ourselves.

Tonight millions of Mountaineer fans stand shoulder to shoulder in the silent solidarity that comes from never having wavered in our faith...

but then that's just how it's always been where West Virginians are concerned. Now let's go burn a couch!