Saturday, December 01, 2007

It's the Back-YARRRRD Brawl!!!!

T-minus 2hrs and 25 minutes until kick-off for the Backyard Brawl! For those of you who DON"T know, the BB is the famous showdown (this year in Motown) between WVU and PITT who are a mere 45 minutes apart. This year marks the 100th brawl, but the stakes are much, much higher than bragging rights this year. With a win, WVU will all but lock it's place in the BCS national championship to be played in New Orleans on Jan 7th...and thus set couches a burnin' ALL OVER Morgantown tonight!! Oh how I wish we were there to throw some fuel on the fire!

Check back here for game updates!

"The Hundred Year War" - Lou Holtz - ESPN Gameday

- 3rd play of the game, WVU intercepts Pitt for 47 yards!

Blue & Gold(en retriever)

- Still 0-0 in the 2nd quarter, but Rivers just picked another one. WVU ball.

- oooooh... Pat White goes down... it looks like the team trainers are trying to pop his thumb back into place on the field... on national television!

- seriously! I could see that face mask from CT... a thousand miles away!

- TOUCHDOWN Mountaineers!! Back-up QB Jared Brown from 5 yards out. 7-0

"well his thumb came off... and they put it back on... so once he gets the feelin back we'll put him back in" - Coach Rich Rodriguez at half time. Rough game.

- ok...down by 3 going into the 4th... we can do this. Let's turn and burn!

- Devine just ran back the kickoff for 48 yards! And wait...who's that coming into the game.... could it be

wow... not much to say.. final score 13-9. It is a dark, dark day in the Marantz household. Flowers in memorium of our national title dreams can be sent to our home address. :( :(


Nicole said...

LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Justin Marantz said...


Davina said...

You two crack me up the way you're so into football. Our brawl was last week between BYU and the U of U...

we won!!!!!! wohoo!!!!

Nicole said...

If I weren't pregnant, I would be drunk now :( I am so, so disappointed....but hey - it looks like we might get to kick some hokie arse in the Orange Bowl this year.

Krista Guenin Photography said...

So sad! Ha! GO BUCKEYES!!! ;)

Justin Marantz said...

ouch! ;-)

Krista Guenin Photography said...

hurts don't it?

I'm just playin! I didn't even go to OSU, I'm only a Buckeye by proxy. But life is better for me when my sister & bro-in-law are happy w/ OSU victory...

Vanessa said...

I seriously cried... and threw up after that game.

We'd even put deposits down on trips to New Orleans for the Championship game. We just keep telling ourselves how much money we're saving... but it doesn't stop the hurt.