Friday, August 08, 2008

Livin' Life in Fast Forward

I just looked at the date of our last post and my jaw literally hit the floor and bounced back up again to see that it was a WEEK ago. A week! I could've sworn I just hit the publish post button on that one like three seconds ago! Is it me or did someone grab the proverbial remote control of life and click the fast forward button? Y'know not just the 2x or the 8x kind of fast forward... where all you're really trying to do is get past the weird foreign film previews and on to the Will Ferrel movie. But serious fast forward. ALLLL the way up to the 50x speed baby!!!!

Seriously, lately my days are more like minutes. The weeks, a mere lunch hour break. And the next thing I know it's the middle of August and I'm left wondering where the heck the past two month of my life went. But, it's times like these when you've really got to just slow down and enjoy the good things in life. The simple things. The constant things. The kinda things you know you can always count on.

Like the fact that my UPS guy gets me.

Reeeeally gets me.

When that doorbell rings and Cooper's ears perk up, I feel that mixed rush of emotion wash over me. Y'know that place where anticipation & endless possibility meets.... " I really have to walk down my crazy steep stairs even ONE more time today"

Yea, I'm THAT kind of lazy.

But it's ok see. Because my UPS guy gets me.

And that's why every day he goes the extra step to meet me in the middle. Literally. See, he comes up a flight of stairs. I go down one. And we meet in the middle. Truthfully, I never even see his face. Just a hand popping around the corner... holding endless possibility. 

And let's face it, in this crazy fast- forward- hey- who- stole- the- remote-control kind of's pretty nice to know you can always count on a daily dose of endless possibility. And someone who gets you. Laziness and all.


Candace Jeffery Photography said...

It's great that you guys are so busy, I'm feeling the same exact way. I actually ran into my UPS guy in the Stop & Shop parking lot today and he handed me a package :)

Mary Marantz said...

lol candace!! that's awesome!!

Val McCormick Photography said...

I wonder if we have the same sweet UPS guy. My guys takes everything into my back porch on under the gazebo on the back deck to keep it from the elements. Life does go by fast that's for sure. Enjoy what you can Mary. You guys deserve a nice break FO' Sure!