Friday, August 15, 2008

Meet: Kim & Joel

Kim & Joel have no shortage of things they like to do together. In fact, their answer to this question on the Get to Know You Sheet filled up the entire front page and spilled on to the back. As Joel put it, "anything & everything, so long as it's with Kim." It was a veritable theme-making smorgasbord just ripe for the picking. Just give me an oversized hat and some gardening gloves and I'm good to go! But, as is always the case, one theme had to emerge from the crowd as the quintessential Kim & Joel. And it did. Oh yes, it did.


They just love it. Mini golf. Big golf. Glow in the dark golf. Heck they'll even take to putting in the golf store if they have to. Just add in some yellow golf gloves and a visor to match and you've got yourself a photo shoot!

And faced with the prospect of all this yummy golf goodness. We. Were. In.

Meet: Kim & Joel
Their Theme: Tee for Two (yea, yea I know...go ahead and hate me!! )

All these shots were edited using the new Totally Rad Actions set with I LOVE. Love love love love LURV!!! They are so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up! :)

Doesn't Joel look like a pro? 

How trippy is this shot?!? Justin actually flipped it upside in post, so it looks like their shadows are wearing shoes!

Ring shot!

These two are so super cute! I actually had to restrain myself from pinching their cheeks!

Kim has the most incredible eyes!

This was their score card with their nicknames for each other. 


After the mini golf, we headed out to Essex for some New England charm. Check out the sky that day!!

Love this shot I got of the two of them. It just seems so them.

mmmmm gold n' buttery!

See? There are those eyes again!! Just beautiful!
And Joel looking pretty handsome himself!

Kim & Joel, thank you SO much for coming all the way up from Florida to hang out with us! You two are so inspiring! We can't wait to see you again on:


J Sandifer said...

Those are AWESOME! How fun!

Val McCormick Photography said...

I love your creativity! That lens flare shot is AWESOME there is even so rim light in there;ooooooh. The upside down shadow shot is so fun. I give two thumbs up in "Z" formation, lol.

Melissa McClure Photography said...

Ahh man I have a shoot already set up next month with this same sort of theme! Well I guess you will be my inspiration now! These rock!

Sara Lazio said...

These photos are beautiful. Love the flare :)
What fun you guys are!

Eric Foley said...

Love the shadow shot! Very nice!

Derek said...

You know, I tell everyone I know that my brother is the best photographer I have ever seen. Then, you come up with something like this. And then I have to explain to everyone that you're not the best, you're in a league of your own. It is absolutely incredible what you can do with a camera. I love the shadow photo. Anyways, I hope to see you (and my lovely sister-in-law) soon!

Raleigh PUG - Millie Holloman said...

Great use of the "Get to Know Us Sheet". I love how you pulled this shoot together! You two are rockin' it up there!

- Millie Holloman

Robert J. Trenske said...

Great job on this session guys, I really like the first one!

nikki nicole photography said...

how fun mini golf!!!!

love the shot of him on his belly it is too funny!!!!!

Samantha said...

You two are just so creative. I love it!

dorelies said...

great shots and I love the croping and emotion of the second to the last.

E. Broderick Photography said...

This is the BEST e-shoot! How fun. It doesn't hurt that they are, like, the cutest couple on earth! (And both of them with those eyes!)

Love the shot of him peeking under that, what, windmill?! Hilarious. The ring shots. The outdoor shots, the flare. So many great pics!