Friday, July 20, 2007

Lon & Melissa

Last weekend we got to hang out with the very cool Lon & Melissa. They are planning an absolutely incredible wedding at the Essex Yacht Club for this September that we are super excited for. So we got together with them to hear about all the plans and do a really fun shoot around town. These first few are from the old train yard, which rocks! There are so many awesome textures everywhere you look!

This one is actually from a dance floor that was being set up down by the marina for someone else's wedding, but we snuck in to grab a few shots anyway!! I love how willy wonka it is! :)


Jason Lanier said...

That last picture is awesome. They are dressed perfect for that floor!

I like the pics at the old train yard. I have a wedding in Florence SC in a few weeks and I am taking the bride to an old train depot for some shots. It was built in the 1800's and it is still standing and in great condition!

It is so fun to find unique places to get pictures.


Hey Guys.. I so looking forward to seeing you guys in LA. Ok.. Ok.. how can I put large images on my blog?

I am working on a new layout and i'm dying to know.. please help.

Thanks guys!!

- Brian Khang

Mary Bess said...

Hey Bri!!

We can't wait to see you either!! I'm pretty sure Jus did email you the info...must've gotten lost on it's way out to cali! :) I'll have him send it again!


Studio Foto said...

Hey Guys!! Great shots- I love that last shot as well. The b&w contrast is awesome!

regina holder said...

Awesome as always! The wall with the blue and rust is an awesome background. She has some serious blue eyes.