Sunday, July 08, 2007

Lucky 7's

I hope everyone had an awesome 7/7/07 yesterday, and that you're taking today to rest & recover!! We're off to commune with nature....well y'know, nature and Starbucks! :)


lauramkelley said...

WHAT?? You weren't doing a wedding. I refused so many this day because I was booked. I can't believe they weren't banging your doors down to get you to do the wedding. Offering you unreal amounts to show up. Take off??
I wish I could have, but next weekend I will celebrate this weekends event!! Better late than never.....Have a great week!

Mary Bess said...

oh no, we def had a wedding! that's what that picture is from...the bride got a bunch of lotto tickets from her dad that morning for good luck. Yea we had a TON of inquiries for that date too...but Gwen & Brian had already booked us a year and a half ago. lol we even had one guy offer us double to cancel on them...we were like ummm we don't do that!! So we took off yesterday (Sunday) to rest up after their AWESOME hawaiian bash on the beach!