Friday, September 14, 2007

PartnerCon Craziness!!

WHEW!! Well we are back from a CRAZY couple of days in LA and one looong red eye flight that got us here early this morning!! It feels like we haven't slept in a week, but who could sleep with all this fun going on?

Here we are with Mark from LaCour (who is hilarious!!) doing our best pirate impressions! I'd say he won!

And here we are with our rockin' mentors the Humphreys. These guys are so awesome and absolutely adorable together! (If you haven't checked out their work, then stop reading immediately and head on over! :)

We had such a blast hanging out with them and talking about our businesses and how to make some time for life in there with all that too! Thank you guys for everything! We can't wait until you can come out & hang out with us for some good ole' east coast fun!

We also had a great time hanging out with our other two mentors, Dane Sanders and Robert Evans (who has done weddings for the likes of Brad & Jen and Tom & Katie). They were both such awesome, down to earth people and they had a ton of great insight and information for our business moving forward. We feel so blessed to have met them!!

And here we are with one of our new absolute favorite people, Miss Davina Fear herself! Wow, could you find a more supportive, caring, fire-lighting person to have around you? She's the kind of person who believes in you when you don't believe in yourself...but she's so darn persuasive and passionate that she some how gets you to believe it too! It was so much fun hanging out with her & Millie (who we SOMEHOW failed to get a picture with!) and just always feeling like we could be super silly and really be ourselves! We love you girls!!

Davina's talk had all of these INCREDIBLE ideas for getting your life back when the business part has completely taken over, and the first two were to 1) get up early and 2) make your bed. Which we are totally going to start doing because like she said, I HATE having to pull the piles & piles of stuff off our bed just to get to go to sleep. Well on the plane home, Justin found this alarm clock in the in-flight magazine. Check this out...the alarm goes off, and when you hit snooze it runs away somewhere so you actually have to get out of bed to go find it!! How brilliant is that?!

And finally, here's us with our big sign from our talk! I have to tell you, it was pretty crazy walking through the airport with that thing! We're going to do a whole separate post on that and all our CT peeps as soon as I steal some pictures from our friends' blogs!

We had so much fun hanging out with everyone and we got a ton of fun pics (all with the point & shoot), so we just decided to put them all in a slideshow so you guys wouldn't have to scroll forever. Check out all the fun!!

Here are a bunch from the KISSin'booth at the Kiss Albums & Showit Party! Along with all our CT peeps, you'll also see all the fun with Shyla, Regina Holder, Amber Holritz, Corey McNabb, the adorable Joy Moody & Mike Colon. It was GOOD times!!


Tabitha & Larry said...

What a fun time! We are bummed we missed out. Hopefully we can catch your seminar at some point. I love the t-shirt :) (i think thats what it was). It was cool to see lots of familiar faces in your slideshow. Thanks for sharing!

Tabitha & Larry said...

Ooops... I think it was a poster. Still very cool :)

Katie Humphreys said...

You guys are too darn cute! So fun to meet you and get to visit. Thanks for all the wisdom you shared with US! :) You guys are fantastic and I am so excited to see your business continue to take off, with all the great things you guys are doing! We'll try to make an excuse for a trip out to CT sometime, and hopefully we'll see you out in CA again! Give a holler if you need anything-it was great to met you!

Big hugs to all you CT folks! :)

Carla Ten Eyck said...

What a cool slide show! You two are very consistent smilers, A+! I can't wait to see the rest from everyone, including myself!

Davina said...

Ummm...I'm so stealing that pic of us off your blog to post on my blog so I can tell everyone how absolutely awesome you two are. I am so happy that I got to spend time with you both this year. You are incredible, giving, generous, loving people that give when you don't have to give and then give some more. You are an absolute inspiration of love to me. Thank you!


hey guys.. sorry we missed you after the last day. we were running around looking for you guys too. oh well.. I hope you had a safe trip back and it was great seeing you and all of our pug family back east!!

- Brian & Helen

Jacklyn Greenberg said...

Awesome guys! looks like you had an amazing time, wish I could have been there! Maybe next time! Congrats again, love the poster! I miss you both and can't wait to hear about it all... starbucks soon!?!

Nicole said...

Wow! It looks like you had a great time! Love the sign :) You guys are so famous! :) :)

Jennifer McNulty Photography said...

The awesome thing about that alarm clock is that it was just recently invented by some random female college student, haha.

Joy Moody Photography said...

You guys are awesome. It was really truely such a pleasure bumping into you and seeing a familiar face. I can't wait to catch up again and I hope to see you in a couple of weeks.
You are my favorite subway couple. :) he he he.

Dane Sanders said...

Justin and Mary,
So great to hang with you guys. An absolute pleasure. You guys totally get it. I'm blessed to know you!