Sunday, September 30, 2007

Zoom Zoom

This morning was awesome... we met up with our new friend Joy Moody, co-fearless leader of the NJ PUG, who was in town shooting the New Haven Elm City Scooter Club's annual rally! The whole "gang" was fueling up at the breakfast counter at Ikea right before the last ride of the weekend, so we grabbed a few Sweedish meatballs and hit the parking lot to check out all the rides.

Joy chillin' on her boyfriend Don's ride:

I had to grab this one in the visor of a helmet.


Joy Moody Photography said...

Awesome! It was great to see you guys, I am so glad you could make it out. Fun shots, I will have some posted tonight.

Jacklyn Greenberg said...

that's the greatest reflection shot!

regina holder said...

oh how fun! joy is so awesome!

Davina said...

That is a stinkin' awesome shot in the helmet!!!!

And hello Joy!!!