Monday, September 17, 2007

Spread the Love

Well, we're packing as we speak (I'm such a good multi-tasker! :) to head out the door again for a wedding we're shooting this week in Wales. But we didn't want to leave without showing you some pics from our talk last week.

Speaking for the first time was *such* a great learning experience in itself and we have so many great ideas for moving forward. But I have to say that it was our own CT peeps who we learned the most from!! Everything we talked about in our session about Spreading the Love, they demonstrated time after time while we were out there. If you knew one of us, you knew all of us and I'm so glad that everyone got to see the LOVE we have going on out here in CT. Like we said in our session, Justin and I could talk until we were blue in the face about being open & sharing, but if we didn't have amazing people like them around us to actually walk the walk then this group would be nothing. Everything good that ever happens to us, we know in one way or another is because of them, and they bless us more & more every day! We are so, so grateful for them and I only hope they all know how much they mean to us!

We also want to say a HUGE thank you to Lisa Allen & Emily Engle who have been the back bone of our group and our own personal cheerleaders out on the West Coast at Pictage. They are both just incredible people and it was so nice to finally meet them in person, even though it feels like we've know them forever! You guys are amazing!!

Ok, so before I get all weepy, here are a few shots of Justin and I speaking at our session out in L.A. Thanks so much to Brian Khang & Loren Scott for sending them to us! If anyone else has any pictures from our session please share!!

Wish us luck with airport security and our massive cases of photo equipment!!


Derek said...

I'm very proud of you guys. You are hardcore professionals now. ;) And Mary, meow, lookin' all sexy in the argyle sweater-vest and skirt. Have a safe trip and we look forward to hearing how it all goes.

Holritz Photography said...

We are so blessed to know you.

Please come see us this winter!



Orchard Cove Photography said...

You KNOW that M was looking as stylish as ever rocking the argyle. You guys were awesome - we're so proud (tear!). xoxo

Dove Wedding Photography said...

Awesome you guys! I wish we could have been there to hear you, I'm sure it was great. And if you get to visit the Holritz's this winter, you must make a trip to Nashville as well- we're not that far away! :)


Carla Ten Eyck said...

Well Miss Mary, we were all here in CT, sitting idle, not knowing where to spread all of the love we had until you and Mr. Marantz took charge and things just took off! We all owe it to you guys for getting Connecticut's act together and really practicing what you preach! Thanks for being such great role models but mostly thanks for being such great friends! Happy shooting in Wales!!

melissakoehlerphotography said...

I wish I could have made it up to LA to hear you guys! You two are truly an inspirational team.
Good luck at the wedding. Can't wait to see pictures!

Studio Foto said...

Hey guys! We are so proud of you! We are so sad that we couldn't be there to help you "spread the love." But we're planning on making the trip to the Vegas PartnerCon, so we can help you spread the love then. Love you guys!

Chris+Lynn said...

Love your argyle vest! Hope to connect with you guys soon!

Picture Perfect Photography said...

I had such a great time in L.A!!
What a awesome presentation you 2 put together! You guys are such an amazing team and I feel so great full to be apart of the CT PUG!!
For some reason I can't see the images in your blog.. :(
<3 Mich

Nicole said...

Mary - I am just so proud of you! Everything looked fantastic, and you guys looked great too! :) :)