Friday, September 21, 2007

Travel update

So we finally made it to Wales for Jo & Sion's wedding! Yesterday we took a nice 5 hour drive through the countryside (3 of which I was asleep in the back seat for) and arrived in Trearddur Bay. The hotel that we're staying at is right on the cliffs overlooking the Irish Sea. Yesterday I caught the last few minutes of daylight and I just sat there and watched the waves crash into the rocks.

This morning we woke up to a dreary sky and a heavy downpour outside (pretty common for over here) which forced us to shoot everything for the wedding inside. About 2 hours ago, the sun broke through the clouds! What a blessing for their wedding day!! To make the most of it we ran out onto the rocks for a couple of awesome shots with the bride and groom.

Mary and I didn't think we would have a chance to work on a slideshow (because I'm working off my SUPERsloooowww 12in. Powerbook, instead of the usual speedy 24in iMac) But we found out yesterday that there are actually 2 receptions! So we're on a nice three hour break until the next one and then that one will run til the wee hours of the morning. Soo...we get to do our first international slideshow! Good thing we brought all those power adapters!!

Here ara a few pictures (as promised) from earlier on our trip.

I love Virgin Atlantic! My new favorite airline!


Fish n' Chips!

Mary & the Bingham's gang


Holritz Photography said...

How cool was Virgin Air? I'm kinda jealous!

We miss you guys!



millie said...

You two would find a subway! LOL... Can't wait to see the pics... have fun over there!

Damion & Julie Hamilton said...

Dude....Fish and Chips...I'm so jealous!! We've had it twice in London and its just so much more incredible than over here. Glad to here you are doing well. Have safe trip back tomorrow!

Vanessa said...

Looks like you're having a great trip!!! Beautiful pictures as always :)