Saturday, March 15, 2008

Exciting PH News!!

This is so exciting!! Portrait House has really been exploding lately and we've been getting so many emails from PHotographers all over the country wanting to get involved, which is so awesome! But with all this happening, Justin & I just couldn't keep up fast enough and we very quickly realized we were going to need some help. One name instantly came to mind...

We are so proud, excited, humbled, and all out psyched to announce that the first ever Portrait House employee (besides the rockin founders of course :) will be one of our dearest friends in the whole world....the lovely, talented, and oh so incredibly generous Miss Shyla!! ( I mean c'mon...she has clearly taken the absolute coolest PH shirt picture to date! Talk about credentials!)

Shyla is one of those people with a heart that's just too big for her body! Everywhere she goes she brings so much joy and encouragement. From the very first minute she heard about PH she jumped on board with every ounce of energy she has (and anyone who knows Shy knows thats a LOT! :) She will basically be serving as our right hand woman, directing all of the day to day workings that keep this project moving forward. There are some very exciting things coming up for PH in the next year and we know we couldn't do it without her!

Shyla we are so grateful for your friendship and support and we can't wait to see all the amazing things you make happen! We love you!! Also, for anyone who hasn't heard, Shy just got the cover of Rangefinder, hello!!! Head on over HERE to give her some love!

Stay tuned for another exciting PH post coming up about the amazing thing some of our newest photog friends are doing to raise money for Portrait House!


Doug said...

That is one slamming photo - and you couldn't have picked someone better. Even if she did make me wear a funny fur hat.

Joey said...

that is so HOT!