Friday, March 07, 2008

Tearing up the Gnar! (This is for you Sarah!!)

Ok, so my husband is officially crazy talented. I'm seriously in awe of him right now. Check out this killer video of him on his very first day EVER on skis. Needless to say, I was not nearly as successful as him on my first time out. Let's just say there was a conveyor belt involved. :)

So today he took me back out to the mountain and was just such an awesome and super-patient coach. Even when I braved the ski lift up the hill....but then decided I would much rather it if we walked back down. :) He just smiled, took off his skis, and walked beside me. And all I can think is how blessed I am because I know he'll always be the one right there walking beside me.

Special thanks to the uber-talented, backwards skiing, dare-devil stuntman John Sanderson for this crazy cool video. That guy can do anything!!


eric said...

oh MAN. I gotta get my lil self hitched so I can come play in the powderbox with y'all... you guys are rockin out there!

hey, BTW. when do we get to hang out for reals?


Joy Moody Photography said...

woah, awesome first time on skis. I will have to tell you guys my fist time story when I see you on Tuesday, hopefully Monday :).
I have been skiing and snowboarding only ONCE. Man what an experience each time.
Great job, it is NOT as easy at it may seem.

Sarah Barlow said...

OH!!! So fun!!! I miss you all so much! I really want to be doing that right now!

Armin de Fiesta said...

Way to go Justin! Haha, nice job for a first timer :) Not that I can do any better. Fun times.

Eric Foley said...

That was hilarious! I miss the slopes:( Way to go J! said...

Awww....this a sweet post! Great job Justin!
Mary we took the kids skiing a few weeks ago and I had a little run in with the conveyor belt too:) This was an embarrassing moment, but I did redeem myself.

Derek said...

Nice job on skis, Skip! I'm impressed. Sweet wipe-out at the end, too! I give it an 8.5 . . . haha. We'll catch you guys soon! Maybe you can stop by the house before you head home with Cooper Dooper.

Matt G said...

Doooooooooooood. Justin was cool as sh*t skiing from the summit on his first day:) Half way down I joking said "Last one down buys first round." Totally forgetting this statement I sat on my ass (snowboarder) watching Justin descend and shooting the breeze with a patroler. By the time I got off my rear Justin and everyone else were already at the lodge. So guess who bought the first round:)

Welcome to the wonderful world of Skiing Justin and Mary! Enna and I had so much fun with you!

bello photography said...

Hey guys,

It was really good to meet the two of you this past week. Looking forward to catching up again in Vegas.

And mate, i still can not get over the fact that you had never put a pair of skis on before, and within 4 hours you were doing that! You completely skipped the part where you get bruised and battered from all of those falls!! Lucky you!

later guys
Andy & Christine

Carla Ten Eyck said...

WOW that was super impressive for your first time EVER??? Nice!