Saturday, June 07, 2008

Meet: Jess & Richard

Jess & Richard were married this past February in St. Johns (oh how I wish we'd known them then!) and today our wedding season officially begins with them hosting an incredible celebration for their friends & family at a private home on the water. We went out about a week ago to walk the property with these guys, and we just had to grab a few fun shots on the beach!

ETA: Oooh! I totally forgot to mention that today is the first day one of our new interns is coming to shoot with us, so we'll be doing her official introduction to the blog world in the coming week!

These two have some serious heat!

We'll see you in a bit guys!!


Robin Dini Photography said... the feel of these. the fuzzed out shot with the gravel detail is awesome. have fun guys!

Val McCormick Photography said...

Beautiful. Talk about steamy. I love all the texture. Awesome!

Mary Marantz said...
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Mary Marantz said...

Thanks guys! Yea Robin, that was shot with our 85 at a super close range. I love how it looks like it could have been from a tilt shift lens. That's definitely the next lens we're buying!

Stacy Cross said...

Gorgeous!! You guys are so creative with your angles - awesome job!

david & kimi baxter said...

these are pure saaaaa-xxxxy!!!

cassandra m said...

seexxxxxy....very nice. The light is gorgeous and the angles are right on! great job!