Friday, June 27, 2008

A "MINI" disaster

Picture it. Tuesday, 11:45 am. New Haven, Connecticut.

The day had begun in the most usual of ways. With four dozen roses and cuddling through scary movies over breakfast. "What Lies Beneath" and a smorgasbord of fruit to be specific.

What? That's normal.

It was our four year dating anniversary (yes we still celebrate those and no we're not sure if it's paper or silver this year), and we innocently roused ourselves from the couch with nothing but rainbow wishes and candlelit dreams in store for the day that lay ahead. Yea, good luck with that.

It all started to go pear shaped as we made our way to the cars with grand plans for going out for brunch. We went to start Justin's car. Dead.

Dead, dead, deadski. The kind of dead where you have to have a cop and a construction worker (the cowboy and the Indian chief were busy apparently) help you push your car off the street and into your garage. It may very well have been the low point of my life. And I'm ok with that.

Ok, Plan B. We get into my car, which promptly begins to make some coughing and wheezing sounds like George Burns in sweatpants at the end of a marathon race. Ok, or ME in sweatpants at the end of a marathon race for that matter.

Awesome. Just awesome. This truly cannot be happening. It is actually physically impossible and must violate about seven different laws of physics for TWO cars to die in ONE day. Not so, as it turns out. Yep, you guessed it, dead.

Dead, dead, deadski. Awesome. Juuuuust awesome.

I guess you could say we're extreme kinda people. Whether the good or the bad, whatever happens, when it rains it pours. Bucketloads.

And we're ok with that.

Because the good is always soooo much better than the bad could ever dream of being bad. Times ten. Let's just go ahead and put it out there...our so-called "disasters" are more like other people's case of the hiccups (yes I know it's spelled hiccoughs but I think that's just silly). It is indeed a charmed life we lead. Which, by the way, leads me to the NEXT part of the story. :)

Allow me to proudly introduce to you our new baby (and yes, it is the ONLY new baby we intend on having for a loooong time)

And let me just tell you, the people at MINI of Fairfield have their stuff to-gether! These guys are definitely OUR kind of people, because we are totally feelin' "loyal beyond reason" right about now. Here are just a FEW of the things I loved about our rep Fabrizio Reda (if you're even thinking about buying a MINI, you have to go to this guy!!):

1) We called him out of the blue as we were leaving New Haven to see if they had anything in stock. Even though he had just gotten the car in that day and it wasn't technically ready to be test-driven, he just made it work. He put his schedule second to ours and it totally paid off.
2) He is perhaps the most likeable person I've ever met.
3) He let us test drive it by ourselves....twice. :)
4) He had us come back two days later for the "delivery" of our car, at which time it was spotless and he spent a good hour showing us how everything worked.
5) There were Smints (small (MINI if you will) mints) waiting for us on the seat.
6) He gave us two custom MINI key chains. One for each of us.
7) And by far my favorite: this MINI mug with a cookie shaped like a MINI in it. Not just any ole' MINI mind you, but a British racing green one to match our car!! Seriously?!

So there it is Blog World, our "big" (pun TOTALLY intended) news. And this much I can tell you already...Justin and I have two totally different approaches to enjoying a new car. He likes to put on his shades and say things like "Man, did you check out the detail job they did on that engine," while I am quietly content to stick my arms out the window and shout "Wheeeeeeeee!!!" But hey, that's just the ebb & the flow, the yin & the yang that makes us... us. And we're ok with that. :)

Here's to wide open spaces, winding roads, and the wind in your hair.

Motor on, blogworld, motor on.


Shyla said...

WHAAAAAAAAAT?! How did I not know this?! Was THIS the 'Cooper' that was sick?!

Thats why you cancelled the meeting... sure it was because of Cooper... MINI Cooper!


I LOVE it... Can I come play?

Tina Parsadanov said...

Wow, Congratulations! What a wicked cool car! We are looking to replace mine and this makes me want a Mini! :) Congrats, you guys deserve it!!!

regina holder said...

SWEEEET!!! OMG! I am so jealous! I have been wanting a Mini for like forever! Justin looks hot in his shades next to it. You guys are ice cold (cooler than cool). We need a picture of Mary and the dog with their heads out the window and the wind blowing.

carla ten eyck said...

HAH!! We got ourselves an old fashioned race a brewin'.... ya think???

that is Grade A awesome!

sergeibelski said...

Congratulations! Its always great reading your posts :)

tracie valentino said...

Congrats on the new car!! Way to make lemon meringue pie out of lemons (so much better than lemonade, no?)!

You'll have to let me know how it drives, my husband has had his eye on one for quite some time now (it's not exactly a car built for 5, but I guess that's what my wagon is for :)

Congrats again!!!

Eric Foley said...

Is there a full size cooper? Just curious. Sweet ride!

Jerome said...

SWEET! Did someone say race?! Maybe you and DePino can pool your motors together and then we'll talk... ;-)
Seriously, sweet car. I've always had a crush on the MINI's. (Secretly of course)

PS Eric, there is a Cooper Wagon out... ?

Armin DeFiesta said...

Awesome little ride guys! Congrats! I've driven the MINIs, handles like a dream! Huge fun factor and an auto icon. Love the british racing green! Now you and Depino can join the MINI car club together =)

Joy Moody Photography said...

Awwe yeah! Good choice, I have ALWAYS wanted a mini. If my car were to die that would totally be my choice too.

Farewell Neon with the screechy breaks!

Robin Dini Photography said...

that is by far the most entertaining post I have read from you guys. what a story! and I could totally relate to every moment of "ugh" as the cars wouldn't start. Been there many a time with my old "girls". LOVE having a new car though, isn't it great??!!! I'm the WHEEE kind of girl myself :) ha ah. i say you and steve do a christmas card with the coops this year. nerds :)

Alana said...

What a great story (wonderfully written, by the way!) -- congrats on the new car!!! Enjoy it!

Kate@MKDPhotography said...

I must quickly mark this as read in our ireader so that Mike does not see!!! BB (before babies) I constantly told him all of our gear wouldn't fit in a mini and well, now, you're blowing my story out of the water...and now AB I'm wanting a miniVAN sadly enough and I know no detail job will make THAT look good enough for Mike to don shades and think we are cool!!

STEVE DePINO said...

Welcome to the mini cooper club!!!
Happy motoring!!!

Orchard Cove Photography said...

SO EXCITING!!! Can't wait to ride :)

R.E.PhotoDesign said...

I'm glad you got an S!!! Awesome!!!

Robert J. Trenske said...

Congratulations on the new ride!!

Damion & Julie Hamilton said...

I am so proud of you both. If your gonna do it in British Racing Green and Tan leather interior. It is truly the ONLY way to go!!!