Friday, July 25, 2008

Keep em Coming!!

Whoa! We just found out that another blog featured the Julia & Mike shoot. This is now the third one that we know of! This is just so awesome...seriously, I just hope these bloggers know how cool and inspiring something like this is for us. Talk about your motivation to keep waking up and trying something new every day! We appreciate it SOOOO much! And a special thanks to Julia & Mike for being the rockstars that they are! They really deserve 99.9% of the credit. :)


laurie said...

No problemo! The photos are so awesome I had to share them. And thank YOU guys for posting about our blog, we love that too.

- Laurie, Exquisite Affairs

Brody Grant said...

How totally cool! You two definitely deserve every bit of it too. I'm always amazed at the seemingly bottomless well of concepts and themes you two shoot!

What an awesome couple too. They look like they were lovin' it!

Stay happy and healthy,
Brody - Polarity Photo