Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Meet: The Graziers /August is PH month!!

Justin & I wanted to announce Portrait House month here at Justin Marantz Photography, and we could think of no better way to do this than by showing you one of our absolute favorite family shoots EVER!

For the entire month of August, we will be booking family sessions for just a $100 donation to Portrait House (of course more is always welcome!) This is HUGE because our normal portrait packages usually begin at $1500, so make sure you take advantage of this and support a really great cause while you're at it! Note that your family shoot doesn't have to take place in August (and it almost certainly won't since we are booked SOLID), it just has to be booked by then. So help us spread the word!

And now on with the show!!

Meet: The Graziers.

We met Matt & Enna sometime in the winter of 2007, and from the very first time they hugged us hello we knew we would be lifelong friends. They are amazing people. Unbelievably generous people. The kind of people who come into your life, change it forever with their kindness, and never ask a thing in return for it. So when the opportunity came up for us to do a shoot with them and their awesome boys, Ollie & Will, it's safe to say we jumped at it!!

We drove up to Boston to spend the day with their fam, and of course we had to start off with some of Enna's yummy pancakes:

The start of Will's pancake:
Will is SUCH a cutie!
Enna and her boys

Then we headed off to do some hiking ...

Ollie is getting so big!
I LOVE this shot I got!! Look at that face!
Piggy back!!!

I adore this shot that Justin got!!

The Grazier Fam!!
Laughing til they're all tuckered out
When nature calls. Ahhhhh look at that tushy!!!

We snuck off and grabbed a couple of just Matt & Enna together
Love this one!!
Matt & his boys
The End...both of em!


Robin Dini Photography said...

AMAZING! i love every single one of them! sign me up for a photoshoot! frank and I can do it for our anniversary! the peeing shot. boys will be boys!

Krista Photography said...

I love these pictures almost as much as I love the people in them! You totally captured who they are!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just Wow. I love all of them! I think my fav is the one of Enna just soaking Ollie in. These are just beautiful guys.

Samantha said...

Love, love, love them. Do you guys ever get tired of being so talented? :)

Grazier Photography said...

Oh. My. I think I've died and gone to heaven. These are exactly the family photos I've dreamed of, and more! I'm so excited! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm so in love with my boys (all three of them) and you've totally captured that! Enna

Val McCormick Photography said...

AWESOMENESS!!! I love them all. You two really captured so many great moments. The potty break was just too cute! When you gotta, you gotta ;-) Never stop shooting, right? :-) These really tell a story thanks for sharing :-)

Matt G said...

Thanks Justin and Mary! Beautiful work as always:)

carla ten eyck said...

these are fan-TASTIC!!!!

OK, soooo.... I wanna book MY family session too!!! This time we'll include Dave :)

STEVE DePINO said...

Is it that bad I thought about making a family just so you guys could shoot it ?

Sarah Hodzic said...

OMgosh, you guys these are awesome!!!
What touching moments you captured, I really felt like I was with you during your day.

And the "nature" shot.... absolutely priceless!!!

Wonderful wonderful work.

Cassandra said...

You guys rock. You really captured their essence as a family. Enna, you're looking downright glamorous! from, Enna's BFF.

Anna Yu said...

Incredible, you guys! Love all of these, Graziers are a super family! :)