Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Married!!: Amanda & Jeff

Ok brace yourselves!! This is gonna be a looooong one! But seriously, how many times does our girl, the one and only lil' Amanda Harris, get married?!?!

As you can see if you visit Carla's blog, I was a mess the ENTIRE weekend and pretty much cried anytime I came within ten feet of Amanda. I saw her at the rehearsal dinner. And I cried. Her dad gave a toast. And I cried. We did yoga and the instructor told us to remember how grateful we are for Miss Amanda. And I knew just how right she was. And I cried. And well...you get the idea.

So without further ado, allow me to present the delicious wedding of Jeffrey & Amanda Havemeyer Harris Herzberger. And just as we suspected, it was AHHHmazing!! (*** We only started shooting at the ceremony, so be sure to check out her main photographer, the incredible and absolutely adorable Daria Bishop, as well as Carla's blog for more of the yummy wedding goodness!)

First, allow me to set the scene. This was the incredible view awaiting us at the ceremony site. Y'know, the real thing. Not just the painting.

Here is Amanda's brother escorting her mom down the aisle.

Then it was Strider's turn to take center stage.

The music began to swell....

And the audience gasped in awe...

as Amanda and her dad emerged from the house.

The ceremony was breathtaking as they got the most perfect day. Ummm pretty much ever.

The groomsmen looked on....

and so did the bridesmaids.

Pretty maids all in a row.

But the MOST important person watching, wasn't really a person at all!

I think this one shot pretty much sums up the incredible energy at the ceremony in one moment for me. Everyone looking at this couple, loving them so much, and hoping so many wonderful things for them (oh dear, here we go again! hold on while I grab some tissues. geez a loo, what a mess!! Carla, I am fanning myself as we speak!) and Jeff & Amanda just trying to take it all in.

It was a pretty emotional day. Let's just put it this way, when she looked over at me with that smile and those tears in the third shot, I had to go "walk it off" as C would say at the side of the house.

But don't worry...there was plenty of smiling too!

And laughing!

Justin grabbed this killer shot of the circle the bridal party formed to bless the rings. They passed the rings around and each person silently said their good wishes for the couple before passing them to the next person. I LOVE this idea!

So I kept looking around trying to find my husband, but he was nowhere to be found! That is, of course, until I discovered his secret hiding spot up in this little window. Which would explain the killer image above!

The bridesmaids in the circle.

Husband & Wife!!

Let's get outta here!

And just grab a second to take it all in.

The first dance...

And dancing with her dad.

Here's to the new Mr & Mrs!!! We love you guys so much and I can't tell you how much it meant to us to be there and share this with you. Your friendship means the world to us and we continue to be grateful for having you in our lives!

But wait! Before I go, allow me to introduce the starting line up of photographers for the day!! First up, the amazing main duo of Daria...

& Andy!!

Ms. Carla Ten Eyck, serving it up ninja style!

But don't worry, she always takes time to make this look good!

Super secret agent, Mike, who went totally unnoticed with this disappearing trick.

Mr. Marantz rockin' it Oceans 11 style in a seersucker suit. Yes, I said seersucker.

And.....me :)

We are kind of a big deal...

Seriously, we're professionals. I promise. :)


nikki nicole photography said...

those are some beautiful shots guys!!!!!

so glad you had amazing weather!!!!!

love the group shot of all the photographers.....

specially the last one ha!!!!

carla ten eyck said...

Oh MY GAWD!!! I am dying over here! Fanning and belly laughing like a big drunk sailor!!

Oh my! They are Sooooo beautiful, let's just star there- wow- you guys killed it

love the super cutie pie shot of you and Jus shooting each other!

And man those shots in action of us all are h-i-la-r-i-o-u-s!!! UH!

Especially that last one, my goodness!

wonderful, wonderful stuff guys! And I am so glad we got some serious Marantz time in!


STEVE DePINO said...

OMG you guys are too much... love those last two photos.
Looks like Amanda's wedding was more then well covered :)
like when you have c10 and the Marantz's as 5- 8th shooters I think you might be in good shape :)

Val McCormick Photography said...

Wow, these are breathtaking. The scenary and the weather was so perfect. I got all teary eyed seeing amanda teary eyed. Why do I get all teary eyed. That's funny how you fan your eyes. I do it too. I am glad I am not the only one :-P LOVE the last shot you had me laughing out LOUD!

Robin Dini Photography said...

i just love your stories miss mary! you always wrap it up so nicely. love them all. such a special weekend. holla to your silly selves.

Jessica Del Vecchio said...

I'm getting all teary just seeing the pictures and hearing your great story of the day! Congrats to Amanda and Jeff! Amanda is so fab, isn't she?! So glad she & Jeff got this amazing and beautiful day.

talia@sixpence said...

Mary, you are hysterical! The Marantz pics are gorgeous as always! Looks like you all had a blast! Congrats to Amanda and Jeff.

E. Broderick Photography said...

Awesome! Amanda looks amazing. There are so many great shots. I love the two of them hugging with Amanda up on her tippy-toes. Adorable! What a scene. Looks like a spectacular weekend. Bravo.

Orchard Cove Photography said...

You guys KILL me. I love the lineup of photographer shot - and you all looking smoking hot next to the barn. And Strider. And my Mom and Jon. And yeah um....pretty much all of these rock my world. And I too am sitting here fanning my face as I remember one of our best days in a long time. You guys really rocked it and I was so glad you could be there. Tons and tons of love and thanks!! xoxo

Erik Maziarz said...

just awesome! between you guys, Carla, Mike, and the official photogs, Amanda had more coverage than a Hollywood wedding! and more importantly, BETTER (THE BEST) coverage than any Hollywood wedding!

Jean Molodetz said...

ok, now i'm outright balling! beautiful images, beautiful words.

Krista Photography said...

Amanda looks so beautiful! I love these!

Karen Mikols said...

HELLO!!!!!!!!! How do you shoot in a dress, Mary? Seriously, I'd be the biggest show at a wedding if I did that! What's your secret???!??!??!!

Robert J. Trenske said...

Hey guys, I really like the one of Amanda and her day walking out of the house, among others :). Nice job!

laurie said...

ok so I don't know where to begin..I'm not sure amanda's wedding was covered though..;) i miss seeing you guys and I'm so glad I got to see some of amanda's AMAZING pictures on everybodies blog!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous wedding! And great shots too. :)

daria said...

These are AWESOME!!

That last shot is one of the funniest I've ever seen! I think I'll use it as a screen saver, so I can laugh every day!!

It was SOOO fun hanging out with you two. You are ADORABLE!!

Can't wait to hang out again soon!


Capture-beauty Photography said...

These are simply beautiful! I love outdoor weddings they are simply the best!

Armin DeFiesta said...

HAHA my gosh that last pic looks like a paparazzi sideline! Fun shots!

Dennis Bullock said...

Scouring the archives and first of all you guys did Amanda good. Second is that Justin suit is so cool! I need it!