Monday, May 07, 2007

At the Airport!

We're here chillin' at JFK just waiting on our flight....ooh actually they just called to start boarding so now we have to run. But think of us as we make our way to Chicago. Windy city here we come!

Mary makes travelin' look good!


Sherrell Photography said...

So cool. When you look that good traveling has to go smoothly ;)
We wish we were there. Have fun.

Mary Bess said...

hahah Tabitha! thank you so are way too sweet! We wish you were there's about LA?!


Mike Larson said...

we must have just missed you at JFK!!! but it was great seeing you guys at p-con in chicago!! nice blog, i am signging up for the feed!

Mary Bess said...

Hey Mike!

It was so great seeing you guys too! We'll def have to meet up sometime when you are out this way. Dinner's on us! Be safe on all your travels!


Mary Bess said...
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