Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Regina Holder Rocks!!!

So Justin went down to check the mail today and he came back with this cute little box that had my name on it. I LOOOOVE love love getting mail so, as you can imagine, I was super excited! Then I saw that it was from my new BFF Regina Holder and I really flipped!!

Regina is AMAZING!! We met her in Chicago and had a blast hanging out. She and I got to talking about hair stuff (as girls will do from time to time) and she was telling me how bad most of it is for your hair. So I got all worried about all the stuff I was using and kept asking her about every single product I had in my bag basically. So what did the rockin' regina do? Order me a box of this awesome stuff, of course! It's called "Ojon" and this is what it says on the box:

"For over 500 years, the tropical ojon tree of Central America's rainforest has been known only to the Miskito Indians, referred to as Tawira, or "the people of beautiful hair."

How cool is that?!

Thank you my wonderful, amazing Regina!! Your friendship and your kind heart are such a blessing to me! Now, everyone should go check out her blog and tell her how unbelievably sweet she is!! (and maybe she'll send YOU cool hair stuff too! :)


regina holder photographer said...

OK, you know how to make a girl feel special and cry. You are the one that ROCKS. Does this mean you will be thinking of me in the shower again? Hope you love it and that you are the most gorgeous bride with fantastic hair.

Aren't you glad the airport security threw all mine out so that I could tell you about it?

BFF - r

Orchard Cove Photography (Amanda Harris) said...

Another rockin' PUG meeting last night and I'm looking forward to seeing the results. You guys are the BEST!

Holritz Photography said...

Regina is SOOOO awesome :)

Did I mention awesome?



Mary Bess said...

you did mention awesome...but it's only because YOU are so awesome that you recognize awesome when you see it. lol ok that didn't make as much sense as I had hoped....but basically, you're wonderful!


Mary Bess said...
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