Monday, May 07, 2007

Best Travel Day EVER!

Wow...what an amazing trip out! Things could not have fallen into place more perfectly. We made great time getting to the airport even though there was supposed to be massive delays, parking and checking in were a breeze, and we SAILED through security (even though we had a huge case full of electronics). When we got to Chicago, all of our bags beat us to the baggage claim area and were sitting off to the side in a neat little pile for us (c'mon...when does that EVER happen?!) We walked out the door just as our shuttle was pulling up and when we got to the hotel we had apparently signed up for some priority program a while back which we had totally forgotten about. That meant that our keys were all ready set out and waiting for us and we get free internet and some other cool perks. Sweet!


carla ten eyck said...

And then you got to your room and the linens were really MONEY that you could roll around in! I want to travel with you guys next time!! Miss you!

Mary Bess said...

hahah Carla! you are sooo traveling with us next umm when we all go to LA. HELLLOOOOO!! We missed you too! When can we see you? Perhaps for my birthday which is only 10, count em 10, days away!