Thursday, May 31, 2007

CT PUG Shoot Out Rocks the House!!

Last night was the first ever CT PUG Annual (bi-annual, monthly, can't we have another one today?) Shoot Out...and it rocked the HOUSE!! There were disco shirts, cowboy hats, feather boas, fake muscles. fedoras, pink ruffly tuxes and loads of fun had by all! Well over 30 CT photographers got together for a sweet shoot out on the beach, followed by hours of good clean fun around a campfire. It's so amazing to watch all these guys together....just running around on the beach laughing, having fun, and yes even some rolling around in the water just doin' what they love. To think that just a few short months ago almost none of us knew each other is really just *insane*...I gotta think Paul said it best: "Y'know Mary, this isn't just a group we have going here. I look around here and I think, these are friendships." And it's so true. I love all you guys! Your friendship blesses me every day I'm around you.

K, off to go meet with my group now!!


carla ten eyck said...

can't WAIT to see everyone's work, and our amazing video that I am confident will transpire! I am off to edit / tweak my shots now!! I had so much fun- let's do another one soon!

Sarah Barlow said...

Oh!!! I love big photoshoots like that!! It's such a blast plus getting to see everyone's perspective and how they shoot always improves my perspective! It's wonderful! :) Looks like you all had a blast!

Jacklyn Greenberg said...

You guys rock... can we have a seasonal shootout? ALL summer on the beach?? Hmmm... we could be on to something here!!! That was the most amazing experience. I still can't believe the amount of cameras and talent in one place. That's some crazy energy, I can't wait to see everyone's work!!

Teresa Wagner said...

Thanks so much guys! I had a blast. And got some shots, like the one carla posted. I can't believe how much I learned doing that with all you pros.. Let's do it again soon.

Mary Bess said...

Teresa that's awesome! Do you think you'll start shooting full time soon?


Sherrell Photography said...

Hey....... saw your previous post and just wanted to say that Regina Spektor is MY new favorite!


Mary Bess said...

Hey Larry!

That's awesome! Isn't she great? Have you seen Stranger than Fiction yet?