Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Shut Up and Sing

Just want to put in a huge RAVE for the documentary "Shut Up and Sing" about my ALL TIME favorite band...umm of ALL TIME :) , the Dixie Chicks...who totally ROCK, by the way!

I was a huge fan of them before the whole George W comment broohaha and I was an even bigger fan of them after the fact. Not necessarily because of the comment itself (although that wasn't bad either :), but more so because of the way they handled themselves during the storm. Regardless of what you think of the Chicks or of what Natalie said ("Just so you know, I'm embarassed the president of the United States is from Texas"), I think a lot can be learned about sticking together and having faith in yourself even when no one else does, from watching this film.

There is a really powerful scene where the girls are about to go on tour during the height of the backlash (when they're even getting death threats if they show up) and they had to decide whether to take a flat rate from the studio or be paid based on ticket sales. Everyone around them thought no one would come and was really putting the pressure on to just take the flat rate...when Natalie says "Y'know I would rather know that we took the risk and had faith and lose money than do what I think it's gonna do and sell out out and have to think everyday why didn't we just have some faith in ourselves...to know I didn't bet on myself when I KNEW I should." And, of course, FIVE Grammys later we know they made the right bet.

I could go on and on about the way they stuck by each other and stood for something and the unbelievable courage and composure they showed when taking the stage under threat of death and the crazy hours leading up to that night. But most of all it's about having faith in yourself and shutting out all the voices that would ever doubt you. Y'know what, just go watch it...because I'll *never* be able to explain it well enough to do it justice. :)



Orchard Cove Photography (Amanda Harris) said...

So funny -I was just online last night looking at their tour schedule for this summer as I'd LOVE to go hear them sing. They have a concert in Boston and another at Mohegan Sun in July....want to go??

Haven't seen the documentary yet but heard it's great.

Chicks do rule :)

Mary Bess said...

OMG!!! OMG!!! YES! I would LOVE TO GO! We should soooo get this together!! Are the tickets on sale yet?!?!


You soo have to see the documentary! It gives me chills just thinking about it! We own it if you want to borrow!



Sherrell Photography said...

We will not be at the Partner conference, but would have loved to. We are still trying to recupe from all of the knowledge absorbed and fun we had at WPPI :)

I hear the Chicks put on a good show. I love when people share more then just their pics on their blogs. I almost feel like I've met you! Hopefully we can in the near future. Have fun!!

Mary Bess said...

Hey Tabitha!

Yay! Thank you so much for saying that! I totally agree! I would love to get together soon...we need to organize that dinner with the Graziers. It's too bad you won't be in Chicago, but I bet you had a blast at WPPI. We're gonna try to go next year...was it totally overwhelming? It seems like it would be.