Saturday, June 02, 2007

Wine n' Weddings

After running like crazy for the past few weeks, Mary and I got to take this afternoon to just relax and hang out with our awesome clients-turned-friends, Alana & Dan. They called us up a week ago and invited us to go wine tasting with them at Jonathan Edwards Winery...little did we know when we got there that they had already bought our tickets for the ENTIRE day!! Let me tell ya...THAT was a lot of wine! Honestly, how we ever got lucky enough to have them as clients, let alone amazing friends, I will never know.

Their wedding at the Florence Griswold Museum (which btw was featured in Martha last year) is coming up pretty fast, so we got to hear about all of the UNBELIEVABLE stuff they have planned...seriously this wedding is going to be one of THE coolest ever!! I can't wait to show you all the stuff they're doing. You guys have us so pumped for the big day now...C'mon, as if we weren't already!!

While we were at the vineyard, I took this shot for the A Minute In The Life: The Simultaneous Photography Project at 2:00pm EST (I love the way the camera accidentally focused on Alana's watch!)

Now we're back home for some much needed laundry catch up. 1 2 loads down, 12 11 to go!!

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carla ten eyck said...

Look at you all lined up, waiting for your wine servings! LOL! I wish I was there! I also really wanted to do the 2:00 June 2nd thing and am hoping I have something from the wedding that i shot right at 2:00!