Friday, June 15, 2007

Dreamin' Big!!

Our new friend, the Beautiful Scarlett, who Justin & I met while we were out in Chicago has an awesome post on her BLOG about dreaming big and having no limits. Now she wants to know, if you knew you had absolutely NO LIMITS, what top 5 things would you do? I think we should all be thinking like this!

Think about it hard, you only get 5...and then head on over HERE to add 'em to the list. Who knows, maybe writing them on her blog for the world to see will be your first step in actually getting there!



Captivating Studios said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so blushing. I noticed I was getting a lot of hits from your blog, so just cruised over and whoa, there I am. :-) Thanks so much for the shout out! It's exciting to dream big with you Mary Bess! I'm so glad our paths crossed and we got the chance to meet in Chicago! You're the beautiful one!

carla ten eyck said...

I posted these on Scarlett's blog too but wanted to share them with you!!
1) Become a triple black belt in some martial arts, like the crouching tiger, hidden dragon variety- but not tell anyone and then just kick bad guys' butts in the middle of a party and everyone would cheer
2) raise my kids to be caring, intuitive, kind, respectful and generous human beings with killer fashion sense
3) get to my fighting weight- and I'm not talking about fighting over my place in the buffet line fighting, more like play soccer like in high school fighing
4) have the ability to be able to diffuse potentially life-threatening or scary situations with humor
5) start a high end photography studio with another rock star photographer who is as cool as me ;)

STEVE DePINO said...

Love #5 :)

kristen leigh photography said...

Hi there Mary!

Wow - your pictures are beautiful :D

thanks for saying hi!