Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Yay!! Millie in the House!

Yay! The awesome Millie Holloman is in town to speak at our June PUG meeting. She just flew in this morning and we hit up Moka for lunch. Tonight we're off for some Irish food & hot pub quiz action at Anna Liffeys with the crew. Madness and mayhem is sure to ensue.

Here's a pic of us in all our technology glory that I stole from Millie's blog. More self portraits will follow once we've all actually had a chance to shower! :P


Studio Foto said...

I LOVE all the technology! It's just ashame that there is only ONE COMPUTER prestent(see extreme left bottom corner) it barly in the shot... Must have been paid off by Gates. :)


Mary Bess said...

LOL. Paul!!! Just give me a few months more on my care plan & then I'll be makin the big switch!