Friday, June 22, 2007

Pay it Forward

Justin and I (and I'm sure many of you) have been so touched by the book Love is the Killer App by the amazing Tim Sanders. We first heard about it through our friends David Jay and Nathan & Amber Holritz. And we finally got to read it when the super-generous Steve DePino gave us his copy :).

It's had a HUGE impact on us, our lives, our business...and just generally the way we treat people. So at the June CT PUG meeting, we did a little presentation called "You Down with P-U-G?" and we brought 5 copies of the book to give out to some new people who were there for the first time as part of our open house.

We told them the copy was theirs to keep. All we asked was that if it had the same kind of impact on them as it did on us, they should keep their copy but go out & buy 3 more to give to people who might need it. And then they should tell those people to do the same thing. I think it'll be really cool to see how far this goes!


melissakoehlerphotography said...

Hi Mary-

Thanks for the comment on my blog, you are too sweet!
I haven't read this book yet. I will have to go check it out.
Have a great day!

Mary Bess said...

Hey Melissa! Thanks for droppin by! Yea you def need to read this book! It's awesome!!


c r y s t a l said...

Awesome! That book is soooo good! Way to pay it forward and share it with others!

Mary Bess said...

Thanks crystal! Doesn't it rock?! It's great to meet another lovecat!


|| davidjay || said...

You guys are fantastic!!! Right on about sharing the books!!!

Mary Bess said...

Hey DJ! Well, we wouldn't have even known about this book if it weren't for you guys! So we just wanted to pass on what you've given to us.