Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Good Clean Irish Fun!

Check us out in all our Irish glory at Anna Liffey's for some hot trivia action! The Dot Commers (Carla, Steve & Millie) officially won....but only because they CHEATED!! No, I'm not sure how...but I know it MUST have happened! The Bomb Dot Com's (me, Jus, Paul & Krystal) want a rematch! Bring it on! It, it's just what you bring.

We are TOTAL rock stars!

This is my new favorite shot of all time!


Millie said...

You want the truth? You can't handle the truth! (the truth: we did not cheat... much!)

carla ten eyck said...

it's just that paul's deep, booming voice is so.....deep and booming and makes it super easy to eavesdrop! Too bad we missed hearing him say 'Louie!!!' Or Pink. ;) Or Sweden!!!! wait, i totally said Sweden, then ERASED it to redeem myself and my honor. But we still won!!!! rematch, baby- BRING IT ON!!!!