Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My shoot sac cover!

I stole this from Jessica Claire's blog to show you the cover I got for my shoot sac when I was in Chicago. It's called calm (third one in the top row), but I like to think of it as imagine imaging blue :) Oh how I LOVE branding with accessories! lol

You can go HERE to get on her mailing list to find out when the site goes live AND to get 10% off your own shoot sac!


Holritz Photography said...

I looooooove my shootsac :)

When you guys comin' to Chattanooga? Corey is coming here today to speak at our PUG tomorrow... you should pop down :)


Mary Bess said...

nice!! which cover did you get?

Oh i sooooo wish we could come down & see you today! We miss you guys so much! When would be the best time for us to come visit? Are you pretty busy all through the summer or do you have a break?