Friday, June 29, 2007

Mentoring Session

Justin and I just finished up our mentoring session with Chris Rexon, which we are offering to raise money for Portrait House (if you want to get yourself signed up for one, you can email us at ).

Chris brought along her daughter, Carrin (who is just about to graduate with a degree in photography), and we all had an amazing time hanging out & talking about everything from websites to equipment to marketing and blogs (oh my!) Chris & Carrin are just about two of the sweetest people you could ever meet! Chris has such a caring way about her and has been by far one of the strongest advocates for our CT PUG right from the very beginning. I really wish I could find the words to tell her how much her kindness has meant to us over the past five months...but somehow, I think she knows.

One of the biggest things we accomplished today was getting Chris her very own BLOG set up. She wasn't sure people would want to read what she was up to :), so cruise on over & give her some love and show her that she's wrong!!


Chris Rexon said...

Okay guys- the bug bite is truly attractive by my eye- now you know why I'm MUCH happier BEHIND the lens- But hey, whatever. Thanks again (if you didn't notice by my new bangin' blog site) for all your help. Hope to do you proud.

Mary Bess said...

psssht! have to know you're a TOTAL hottie!! :)

sweet! I did see all your new posts! keep it up girl!