Sunday, June 03, 2007

How Much Laundry Do We Have Left?

Count down with us as we make our way through MOUNTAINS of laundry!

3 down, 10 to go!!!
Woo hoo, 9 to go!!!
One Subway & Starbucks break later, 8 to go!!
Rollin' on to lucky #7
6 it is.
Following one half of a two-movie marathon of "cheesy 90s 'I'll save the world' action flicks" (we just finished Passenger 57...hilarious!) we're rockin out #5!!

whew! that was a looong day of laundry...but we're up, refreshed, and ready to get at it again. watch out're barely hangin' on!

Sweet, that's 3!
one.....AND DONE!!!! yayyy!!

I hope I never see another bottle of lavender and vanilla fabric softener again!


|| davidjay || said...

Hahaha! I just spent like 3 hours folding laundry last night!!! Geez! 10 loads....good luck!!!

Justin Marantz said...

LOL, I know right!?

You know you have too many clothes when...

1) You just found out you have hardwood floors!

2) You divide the piles up into: lights, darks, and 1989

3) add your own! ?

Orchard Cove Photography (Amanda Harris) said...

That is a lot of laundry-

you know you have too many clothes when you can go long enough to accumulate 10 loads without running out of clean clothes (or is there something you're not telling us....did I detect a faint odor the other night;0)


Mary Bess said...

hahahah Amanda! you know our secret now!


Studio Foto said...

Wow- we aren't the only ones with Mt. Everest in our basement. I think our most outstanding laundry mountain range was made up of almost 20 loads, including blankets, sheets, hard to clean items, coats, towels, table clothes, and of course, regular clothes. This mountain range has been standing pretty much since we moved into our house in September 2005, but I'm happy to report that due to global warming and the such, we are finally down to about a steady 5 loads. Almost caught up finally ; ) it only took about 2 years. Hey, sometimes we just have to set our priorities straight don't we ; Hey, we should have a laundry party don't you think?