Saturday, November 10, 2007

Catchin' up!! even tho it's pretty obvious that we've been back for a few days, I guess it's time to announce our official return from the honeymoon! We've really been puttin this off to be honest with you because we just wanted to hold on to it a little longer before real life took over again.

But we're back! Ready and raarrring to go with some really exciting things on the horizon. Much more on that coming up, but first we have some serious catching up to do with this blog! Sooo...expect quite a few posts over the next few days! Not the least of which will be finally getting around to announcing the winner of the "How to Plan a Life" contest. We're extending the contest through Monday night so make sure to go HERE and place your comment if you want in!! The winner will be announced Tuesday morning!

Ok...see ya in a few

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