Monday, November 26, 2007

Clients to Friends

The core of mine & Justin's business has always been about relationships- our relationships with other vendors, other photographers, and especially the ones we have with our clients. It is 100% because of these relationships that our business has been able to grow as fast and as much as it has in the past year or two. When I think about where we were even two years ago vs. where we are now, it's really overwhelming (in the best way possible) to realize all that's happened.

And ALL of that goes back to one important principle that has become the foundation of our business: our clients are our friends. We spend so much time just hanging out with our clients and really getting to know them. I gotta say, I don't know how we keep getting this lucky, but we have the BEST clients in the world book us!! And we just come to care for each of them so much that we could never imagine not keeping them in our lives once the wedding is over. So what's really great is when these clients turned friends of ours refer *their* friends to us and then the weddings are like a big reunion for everyone!

That was exactly the case this weekend when we shot Cat & Dan's rockin' wedding in Tarrytown. Cat was a bridesmaid at Lisa & Rob's wedding that we shot this past September and she & Dan booked us shortly after that. We just love all these guys so much, and it's so great to show up to a wedding and feel like you're already surrounded by old friends. They're the kind of people you hope you can always call friend!

One thing these guys definitely all have in common is that they really know how to put on a good party! These were two of the most exquisite weddings we've ever shot.

Meet Cat & Dan!

We had the adorable Candace Jeffery along to second shoot with us and she grabbed this super fun shot!

And Lisa & Rob!!

and of course lil' Louie!

This rockin' shot is owed to Miss Harris!

We call this one "receiving line"!!



Great job on these guys. Our friend has a pug also.. we love the little guy.

david & kimi baxter said...

love the shot of the girls shoes! nice work :)

Katie Humphreys said...

These are great! I love what you had to say about relationships-so true!

Hope you guys are well! Comin' out to SB anytime soon? :)

Justin Marantz said...

hey katie! yea we might be actually! maybe Dec or January...we'll let you know as soon as we do!


Sarah Huffman said...

i love y'alls work!! these are so great! love the ring shot. clever!

bello photography said...

Hi guys,

I totally agree about relationships being at the core of your business. It's these relationships that make your business fun, exciting, and rewarding. I believe that it is through these relationships we can share a little love. And everyone needs a bit of that!! As photographers we have the perfect platform - through our images - to spread some of that love.

Nice work guys!

Looking forward to meeting you both at the ski retreat the Graziers are planning !


Tana Huffman said...

These are really great you guys!  I love what you say about relationships.  What a fun blog to read!