Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ohhhhhh yea!!!

I'm just waiting for some cards to download at an awesome two-day wedding we're shooting in Westchester County, NY... and I gotta say, I'm LOVING this headline:

"Pat White has No. 4 West Virginia on the brink of playing for a national championship!!!"


WVU just ROLLED over UCONN 66-21 (sorry Alana & Dan!! they were so awesome and called us to come watch the game with them today, but we were previously engaged :) to take the BIG EAST CHAMPIONSHIP and a shot at a national title. How hot is that?! EEEEEEEEEE!!!! Let's GOOOOOO.....Mountaineers!!!


Brian and Taren said...

Congrats to WVU. We hope they win the national championship now because it will be good for the Big East. Watch out for UConn next year when the Mountaineers visit the Rent.

Nicole said...

I am SOOOO psyched!! What's crazy is that its totally likely that OSU is going to meet WVU in the title game. Phil and I have been talking about that happening since we met and how crazy it would be and who I would root for (my 'eers, duh!). yay!!!!!!