Saturday, February 02, 2008

Dawn Kelly from Soiree Floral & Event Design

"We're family now!" She said it as she grabbed both my hands and gave them a squeeze. And somehow, I just knew she meant it with her whole heart. Because that's just how she does everything in life...with her *whole* heart. And what a good heart it is.

On Thursday we got to have dinner with the truly amazing Dawn Kelly from Soiree Floral (who could quite possibly be one of the sweetest and most adorable people ever born!!) and her wonderful husband, Brian. We did a wedding with Dawn back in October-which she totally ROCKED- and we finally got a chance to sit down & catch up with them over sushi at the very cool Kazu in South Norwalk. Let me tell you, these two are nothing short of absolutely amazing... they listen like every word counts and talk as if you can do anything. They believe in you before you even really know what it means to believe in yourself. They inspire you, and cheer for you, and before you know it you're walking back to your frosty car wondering how it is you've known them for anything less than a lifetime. The world needs more whole heart people like them.

Right before we left Dawn surprised us with this incredible gift!! Her work is amazing!

Seriously, how awesome is that tag?!

Good times, GREAT friends!

Thank you guys so much for everything! I only hope you know what a blessing you are to us!

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