Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"Sometimes you want to go..."

"where everybody knows your name" :) Last night's meeting at the Boston PUG was the biggest turnout we've had yet! It was a packed house, but we're still not sure if it was us or the sweet "wine & chocolate" theme that brought everyone out! Special thanks to Matt & Enna for being such wonderful leaders and hosts and to our dear friends Paul, Krystal, Amy & the newest Bostonian, Shyla for coming out and helping us spread the love.

This PUG tour has been by far one of the coolest things we've ever done...just how many awesome people that we get to meet makes all this crazy traveling so worth while. So thank you guys for always giving us such a warm welcome and being such great friends. We've just added 4 more cities to the tour, so we've updated the schedule and you can always check for our most up to date schedule by clicking HERE or on the tour banner in the sidebar!

Right now we're walking out the door (we tend to do that a LOT these days!) for a couple of days away from the world!! J has it all planned out for Valentine's Day and I'm not sure where we're going except that he told me to pack warm! And speaking of LOVE, we just sent out a note to everyone on our newsletter revealing what the "Love" teaser was all about. We'll be announcing it here tomorrow morning, so stay tuned for the mean time go get signed up on our mailing list so you're always the first to know!



Fed said...

Awesome you too! Thanks for coming out and posting a photo of me half a sleep, lol.

Mary Marantz said...

hahah we ALL look pretty sleepy after all that wine!

Tabitha & Larry said...

Really cool to a) hear your stories and ideas and b) meet you!

Nice work. -Larry

Grazier Photography said...

thanks again for visiting you guys... it was such a great meeting!