Friday, February 08, 2008

WPPI Mentoring Auction to Benefit Thirst Relief

Ok, this is so awesome!! Mary & I have been asked to be mentors at WPPI for the Thirst Relief Auction, which basically means that we can volunteer some of our time in Vegas helping other photographers, and it’ll help save lives all over the world! Thirst Relief is such an awesome, awesome organization and so of course we jumped at the chance to help out. And what I really love about this program in particular is that it’s also about photographers helping each other.

Mary & I have always believed in mentoring as one of the absolute BEST ways to grow our business, and over the past couple years we’ve had some incredible opportunities through Thirst Relief to sit down with people like Mike Colon, Nathan & Amber Holritz, Dane Sanders, Robert Evans and Chris & Katie Humphreys. And I can’t even begin to tell you the difference it’s made in our business...basically, it’s made all the difference for us. So to be able to now turn around and pay some of that forward to someone else makes us so happy!! And also a little nervous because we know there are SO many awesome mentors on board that we’ll have to make ours really good to get some bids!! :-) So to sweeten the pot, we’ll also be including the following:

1) Lunch at a shi-shi Vegas restaurant to be selected by the winner, over which we will answer any and all the questions you can throw at us. We can do a portfolio review, talk about your branding, or anything else that you want to talk about!

2) Our “Loyalty Beyond Reason” goodie bag including some of our favorite client gifts and a few of of our absolute favorite business books on the topic of selling the experience of YOU!

3) And this is the big one...tuition paid in full (a $500 value) for a really cool "LOVE" event we’re co-hosting in Chicago this April.

***NOTE THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE GOING TO WPPI TO WIN!! If you want to bid on us but don't think you'll be able to make it to WPPI, go bid anyway and we'll work it out! We'll either try to meet up or we can always talk over the phone. Thirst Relief is such a great cause so we want to make sure anyone who wants to donate can!

So head on over to the auction site to get pre-registered. The auction starts tomorrow and goes until somebody wins! We'll post an update when the auction goes live with a link to where you can bid on us.

Here's the important info you need to know:

*Mentoring sessions will go up for bid on an auction at . The site will have a Thirst Relief banner that you can click on that will take you directly to the auction site.

*The auctions will not be visible until they go live on February 9th at 10am EST. All times listed through out the auction are based on Eastern Standard Time.

* You will need to register in order to place a bid on your mentoring session. Each mentoring auction has a different ending time. However, when the auction is supposed to close, if there is a bidding war happening over a particular mentoring session that you want, then the auction will STAY OPEN until the bidding war ends.

*The auction will take place for three days from February 9-February 12th. Auctions will end on the 12th (unless there is a bidding war…in which case the auction will end when people stop bidding). Bidders need to read the entire auction, including payment information very carefully. Auctions will end at different times, so you'll will want to make sure you know when the one you want ends.

*Once the auction ends you will be responsible for getting in touch with one another to schedule your mentoring time.

*Mentoring sessions are an opportunity to have your website reviewed, talk about your marketing, pricing, or have your work critiqued, etc etc.

*Even if you don't think you can bid on a session, think about becoming active in the cause of Thirst Relief by becoming a monthly $5 donor. Five dollars saves a life. It would be an amazing gift and a visionary movement if every photographer helped save one life a month for one year.



Carla Ten Eyck said...

How cool is this??? I am so excited for you guys, wait I am more excited for whoever wins you two! They will get the mentoring session of a life time!!

See you guys soon, miss you both!

Safe travels


Dane Sanders said...

Someone is going to be so stoked to win your auction. I love you guys.

regina holder said...

It doesn't say on the auction site about all the awesome things you are including! Your bids should be skyrocketing. How awesome is it that YOU are doing this now! You've mentored with some truly incredible people.

Studio Foto said...

Wow guys- this is so cool!! We are very proud of you both!

See you tonight at the Boston pug- we'll be there to help spread the love ; )

Love, Krystal & Paul