Tuesday, February 12, 2008

TN Recap

We're back safe & sound from TN, and actually about to walk out the door to go up to Boston to hang out with our good friends Matt & Enna Grazier, Shyla, and the rest of the Boston PUG! But first, here's a little recap from our time down South:

Our first night we hung out with the Nashville & Chattanooga PUGs. I was SO excited! :)

Justin during some down time Q&A

Awesome questions from our new friends: Jody, Zach & Chris

Meet Tracy! She and her friend Tara flew all the way down from Ohio to see us! How awesome is that!? They are such sweet, amazing people and I'm so glad we got to see them! You guys seriously amaze us!! Thank you so much for everything!

After that we headed to this Italian place called Mafiaozas for dinner. Somehow I think I ordered too much...

*** Pictures courtesy of Whitney Carlson!

More new friends: Us, Chris, and Sean & Melanie McLellan (who are AMAZING photographers! Make sure to check em out when you get a chance!!)

The next morning we headed off to the Pancake Pantry where all the country stars eat with Peter & Whitney...sadly there was no Keith Urban to be found. But we did have some *awesome* pancakes so we were still pretty happy as we headed off to Knoxville. The Knoxville PUG was such a great group! There were a lot of people just starting out so there were a ton of great questions. Special thanks to Jamie Weiss for being such an awesome host!

After the Knoxville PUG we headed down to Chattanooga to hang out with our good friends Nathan & Amber Holritz and their cutie petutie kiddos, Austin & Addison who showed us all around town! First up was the aquarium and we were all pretty beat after that...

...but then it was time for SUSHI so we all perked up! These are cases of chopsticks for all of the regular visitors of the restaurant. Very cool!

After we stuffed ourselves on plate after plate of chef's choice sushi, we decided to walk off some of dinner by checking out downtown Chattanooga and the coffee shop Nathan & Amber used to hang out in back in college.

Here's a very cool winding walkway in the art district of Chattanooga

Thanks so much to all of you guys who made our trip such a blast! We can't wait to see you again!!


Armin de Fiesta said...

Super cool post! Are you guys still planning on coming by the DC PUG? Hopefully so, I'll be there :)

Zach & Jody Gray said...

It was so great having you guys! thanks for coming through :)

Carla Ten Eyck said...

Have fun tonight! See you guys soon!


nikki nicole photography said...

wow looks like you guys are having some fun this winter!

Sean McLellan said...

Great meeting you two! Thank you so much for the kind words about our work :) We're looking forward to hanging out with you both in the future!

Jamie Weiss said...

It was so great having you guys and everyone was very appreciative! Hopefully we will get to hang out again soon!

Holritz Photography said...

I'm a terrible friend :( I haven't even blogged yet!

So so cool to see you.


see you in VEGAS!


Mel McLellan said...

Ah - Sean can't take a picture without making that face! I mean really - it's becoming chronic! :) Thanks for coming down guys! We really enjoyed having you in Nashvegas! Way to be inspiring! ;)

Mary Marantz said...

lol...I LOVE it! Very Zoolander! You guys can't help it if you're really, really, really good looking!!


chris. said...

loved meeting you guys, thank you for coming out and sharing so much with us!

Evolve Studio Photography said...
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