Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Loyalty Beyond Reason Can Be Created Anywhere!

Yesterday, as Justin & I were picking up our second batch of dry cleaning in a week ( yea we have a lot of clothes!), I really started thinking about this new dry cleaners we're using (which funny enough, is called The New Dry Cleanery). Now this store isn't particularly pretty or well decorated by any means (I have to say the 1980s poster on the wall that says "Dry cleaning makes you feel springtime fresh" is my personal favorite piece of decor). It also isn't particularly close to us or naturally on the way to anything, so we always have to go out of our way to get there. And parking is ALWAYS an issue. But yet, we keep going back and we do it with all the anticipation of kids about to embark on a candy store. So, why do we do it?

We do it because even though yesterday was only the third time the dry cleaning lady had ever seen us in her life, she called us by our names and busily went about collecting every stitch of clothing without ever once looking at a ticket (I know that because we had once again lost it!). Because they stuff pink tissue paper in the sleeves of shirts and hoods of jackets...I have no idea what that actually does, but I know it makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside. Because they're somehow able to get all the little fuzzy things off of sweaters that even an industrial strength sweater shaver would've choked on. Because they then put each of those neatly folded sweaters in its own little sweater bag with the snap button on the back, and stack them neatly in a boutique bag. And then as they hand us that bag they tell us, not have a nice day, but have a GREAT week Mr. & Mrs Marantz!

Yea...we'll be back.


Melissa Koehler said...

It's always nice for people to remember you. :)

Joy Moody Photography said...

That is super! I have done a similar thing with my hair stylist. He now has his own salon and I have to travel about an hour to get to him. But I love him and will follow him where ever he may go just so I can get a fantastic cut and color.

PicturesByTracy.com said...

Kudos for this post Mary! Loyalty Beyond Reason.....This is key to a successful business. Reminds me of our favorite restaurant... EL Toros. They greet my family by name, with a smile, and even hugs. They always make us feel as though we are among friends.

Looking forward to meeting you Thursday:)


Rnormfoto said...

You are both so into dry cleaning you need to open one yourselves :)