Sunday, March 25, 2007

For Anyone Who is Not Yet a Believer in Slideshows!

We just walked in the door from a very long drive back from the wedding (darn crazy Sunday night traffic!!). We were dragging, exhausted and just completely drained....UNTIL we got this amazing email from our lovely and incredible bride, Vanessa. Y'know it's this kinda thing that just makes it all worthwhile.

Mary and Justin,
I can't tell you enough times how touched we were by the photos in the slideshow at the reception. I cried several times today just thinking about them. I think I had remembered you talking about doing the slideshows at the end of the reception before, but I had TOTALLY forgotten about it and it was the most amazing wedding present (and surprise) we ever could have received!!! EVERYONE is talking about the photos and asking about you guys! I've been giving out your website address a ton!!! Thank thank thanks again, a formal thank you will follow, but I just got in the door at our home in Fairfax, and couldn't wait the 2 days that the mail takes to express how much your gift has meant to us!!!

Vanessa (and Zach)



haha.. that's awesome!! I can't wait to get rolling this year with the slideshows. Great job on the wedding guys!!

- Brian K

Justin Marantz said...

Thanks B! Yeah the're great online, but even better at the event. You can actually watch "word of mouth" working. It's amazing! If you need any help getting set up for it, just let me know.

Autumn said...

AWESOME! Loved the slideshow too!