Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Portrait House Sneak Peek!

Well you guys asked for it...and here it is! For the first time ever appearing in public, it is my pleasure to introduce to you, the brand spankin' new Portrait House website and logo! There's definitely more coming, but this will give you an all-access pass to the sneak preview!

I know a TON of you have mentioned wanting to get on board. We're so thankful for the overwhelming response we've had since we first pitched the project. Now it's time to get moving! We don't officially include a photographer in our directory until they have completed their first shoot...but to celebrate the launch, we're offering the first five photographers who contact us and pledge to get involved a spot on our featured photographers page. There are only five spots, so it's gonna fill up fast!


1 comment:

STEVE DePINO said...

Looks awsome... make sure to add my name to the photographers list!