Thursday, March 01, 2007

Puttin' our money where our mouth is!!

So last night was another rockin' PUG meeting for our CT group! We had 27, count 'em TWENTY SEVEN, photographers there from all over the state and even up in Mass. This group is just *phenomenal* and we can't even tell you how awesome the vibe is when all of them get together. You guys should be so proud of this community we're building, because you make that happen! Thanks again so much to Nikki Nicole for hosting and Matthew Wagner for leading a super helpful session on slideshows and ShowIt.

Mary led the other session last night with Brian Khang on "blogging and how to make it work for you." The #1 tip on their list was "post often, ideally everyday." Never ones to refuse a challenge, we decided to take our own and commit to posting EVERY. SINGLE. DAY between now and the next PUG meeting on March 21. So it's up to you guys to keep us accountable (lest that "delete post" button become too tempting!) and call us on it if we start slackin! Will we be able to do it? Will we see it through? Only time (and checking back to see :) ) will tell!


Anthony the Loser said...
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Hey guys.. thanks again for another awesome meeting!! You guys should go add a CBOX to this blog too.. like the one my my blog. So we can just add comments there. It makes a whole lot easier. Check out Steve Depino's too.. he just jumped on board with one. Stay Warm!!

- BK

Justin Marantz said...

Thanks Brian! We just added a Cbox. Love it!