Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tahiti, Hawaii, Cabo, Greece, Fiji and Las Vegas honeymoons, oh my!!

So it's about time that Mary and I settle on a honeymoon destination. So far, Tahiti is way out in the lead as our ultimate dream...but we're always open to suggestions (so long as it's not the islands of Long or Rhode). Sooo...where do you guys think we should go?


Cabo San Lucas

Cancun, Mexico


French Rivera

Virgin Islands

Galapagos Islands



Las Vegas ????


Studio Foto said...

Tahiti is def a great idea! New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, Italy, and Iceland for non-tropical destinations are just a few other places on this beautiful planet that Paul & I would like to explore. Hawaii would be great to explore as well with teh volcanos, rain forests, etc.,. Tahiti does look very exotic though...hmmm, so many places to explore, so little time. We'll all have to start shooting more destination weddings!

Studio Foto said...

Oh, Paul says to check out Christmas Island... though you might have to refiance your whole life to afford it!


that is so not right posting that pic now.. ahhh

Mary said...

Krystal: oooh! those are all great places! I've been to Ireland and Italy and would love to go back...and Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii are def on the top of my places to see list! What's Iceland like? Isn't it supposed to be really green, while Greenland is really icy?

Brian: hahah sorry!! Krystal's right...we'll have to all start shooting more destination weddings to get out of this New England weather!!

daria said...

Hello Justin!
I was just having some fun scrolling around on your blog and I just had to give my 2 cents on your honeymoon destination.
We went to the French Polynesia: Bora Bora and Moorea on our honeymoon 15 years ago and it is the most romantic place on the planet!! Seriously! We stayed in those over-water bungalos and it was amazing! worth every penny!
Now we have kids and so we vacation at Disney World or some kid-friendly place, but I dream about those turquoise lagoons to this day!